Chapter Officers 
President: Gregory A. Suares, MD
President-Elect: Elizabeth England, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Baker, MD, FACEP
Immediate Past President: William Scruggs, MD, FACEP

Board of Directors
Thomas A del Ninno, MD (Kauai)
Jon Steven Jancaterino, MD, FACEP (Maui)
Audrey McCandless, MD (Hawaii)
Travis Thompson, MD (Oahu)

John Gallagher, MD, FACEP
Alexander Berk, MD, FACEP

Executive Director
Adriana Alvarez

All active Hawaii ACEP members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or represent the Chapter as a Councillor. The Board of Directors has general supervision of Chapter affairs at its Annual Meetings.

Councilors represent Hawaii ACEP at National ACEP Council Meetings held in conjunction with National ACEP events. For more information, please contact the chapter.