Legislative Committee Activity Timeline


Starting after legislative session of current year, which runs January to May

  1. June & July: Select legislative priorities for upcoming year
    1.1. Survey members for common concerns and legislative goals.
    1.2. Refer to national ACEP for additional legislative priorities and ideas.
    1.3. Discuss ideas with legislators and identify possible shared priorities as well as non-starter bills that are unlikely to be heard.
  2. August & September: Create 1-2 pieces of legislation
    2.1. Research current health policy literature and existing legislation from other states for potential solutions.
    2.2. Use results from research above to write an evidence-based intervention/bill targeting the needs of our patients and local ED physicians.
    2.3. Send HACEP members a summary of proposed legislation and request feedback/ensure member agreement.
  3. October-December: Finalize legislation and recruit support
    3.1. Work with experienced partners (Queens, HMA, etc.) to review and edit our proposed legislation.
    3.2. Garner support from as many representatives as possible and work with local media (ideally through representatives) for public support.
  4. December & January: Review outside proposed legislation and identify high-priority bills.
    4.1. By January 7th, review upcoming proposed health-policy-related bills. If possible, create a page on the HACEP website that displays a list of relevant bills along with a simplified summary and link to the current stage in the legislative process.
    4.2. Continue advocacy for HACEP-proposed legislation.
    4.3. Identify high-priority bills by February 1st.
  5. February-April: Grade proposed health-related legislation and provide testimony
    5.1. For high priority bills, create a brief evidence-based review of intent and likely implications/consequences of each bill.

5.2. Based on the above findings, make a formal list of recommendations for support/opposition. Post this list to the website and/or send an email to HACEP members to keep them appraised.
5.3. Write pre-prepared email outlines of support or opposition for the above list of bills that members can simply sign and send to their representatives